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Conversation Intelligence for your Zoom Meetings.

Learn what works. Have better conversations. Book more meetings.

With, get visibility into every call or meeting with a prospect or customer and build a collaborative, always learning, coaching culture across the sales team. surfaces the high impact sales conversations and moments that anyone on your team can easily listen to and learn from, and makes it easy to share those moments with your team. Learn from and replicate what is working, and avoid what doesn’t.



coach repscoach reps      Coach reps to become top performers
actionable insights      Improve sales playbook based on actionable insights
CRM         Enrich CRM & win deals predictably
voice of customer       Break down silos using the "voice of customer" 


How it works: as easy as 1-2-3
  1. All your calls, video conferences now get automatically recorded for you. You never lose a minute of any customer conversation you have.
  2. transcribes all calls in real-time so you can easily send followup emails, update your CRM, or ask for help internally. Never take notes again.
  3. delivers insights by analyzing conversations relative to CRM data and active deals. Know what works (or doesn't) in your sales playbook.


"Now we can replicate success of our high performers!


Greg Holmes

Head of Sales
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