On-Demand Webinar


Sales as a Science

The Six-Sigma Inspired Methodology to Improve Sales Performance

Jake Reni-round
Jake Reni
Head of Adobe Sales Academy
Derek Sather
Partner of Winning by Design


You will learn a six-sigma inspired process to analyze sales productivity, diagnose the root cause of bottlenecks, and create action plans that increase conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and grow average deal size.

In this this webinar you will learn

Jake and Derek will walk you through concepts that demonstrate:

  • How companies can build structured data driven sales processes 
  • Doing root cause analysis on why calls are converting or not or what makes deals progress
  • How to leverage the voice of the customer to build deep insights into your sales cycle

Speaker Bios

Jack Reni heads Adobe's Sales Academy and has spent over 15 adventurous years in High-Tech Enterprise sales. This has led him down his own path for developing the future sales leaders in SaaS and being an Advisor for hypergrowth High-Tech startups. His curiosity for the science of sales is matched by his desire to challenge conventional wisdom.

Derek Sather is a partner at Winning by Design, a sales strategy consulting and coaching company trusted by over 250 B2B companies, including Adobe, Adroll, and Zenefits. He was previously CEO at Science to Sales, and was a Chief Revenue Officer at Mobify and Agreement Express. He holds an MBA from MIT.


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