Learn what works. Have better conversations. Book more meetings.

With Chorus.ai for Outreach Voice, get visibility into every call or meeting with a prospect or customer and build a collaborative, always learning, coaching culture across the sales team. Chorus.ai surfaces the high impact calls and moments that anyone on your team can easily listen to and learn from, and makes it easy to share those moments with your team. Learn from and replicate what is working, and avoid what doesn’t.


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 Better objection


Improved phone


Efficient BDR to AE


 Faster ramp-up


 Better training &



How it works:

  • Your Salesforce Admin activates the integration via the link below
  • All your Outreach Voice calls get automatically recorded, transcribed in real time and made available in Salesforce, Outreach, and Chorus
  • You can share recordings with any team member, manager, or Account Executive whether or not they are Outreach users.
  • You can leverage Chorus metrics to identify best practices, errors, winning moments, and to create playlists


Sign up before December 31, 2018 and we're offering a full year of Chorus.ai for Outreach Voice — free of charge! 



The integration can be activated using your Salesforce Admin credentials.


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"After our team captures meetings in Outreach Voice, Chorus.ai shows managers where their reps need coaching—specifically targeted on objection handling against competitors, and identifying the timeline and relevant decision makers. As new reps are hired, they immediately benefit from what's already been learned by the broader group."
- Holly Wilson, Sales Operations Analyst
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